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MASKhaze Products!

Our Products create a dynamic training environment to simulate real life scenarios. Our goal is to make sure fire fighters across the nation and around the world feel prepared to take on any challenge that may come their way! We want everyone to save as many people as they can and make it back home with MASKhaze.

With flexible, lightweight materials and easy connections, our SRTmaze™ typically takes less than 10 minutes to set up using clevis pins and cotters. All panels can be quickly broken down and stored tightly beside a wall.  For a complete experience, use it with our MASKhaze™ films.


Using the same design as the SRTmaze™ panels, this trailer encompasses a full training scenario system that is mobile. Each trailer is custom build to specifications outlined by the department. Options include light effects, doors, false floors, configurable windows, and more. 


Smoke simulation training options usually involve duct tape or smoke machines, neither of which creates the level of realism of an actual fire emergency. Our patented MASKhaze™ technology uses a specially designed film over the mask that alters and reacts to light like smoke, making it the most realistic tool available today.


This is a full catalog of all of the products we offer. It includes pricing as well as recommendations to ensure optimal use out of all of our products. Choose what will best fit your training regimen!

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