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Smoke simulation training options usually involve duct tape or smoke machines, neither of which creates the level of realism of an actual fire emergency. Our patented MASKhaze™ technology uses a specially designed film over the mask that alters and reacts to light like smoke, making it the most realistic tool available today. 

 Fire flames on black background
Download our MASKhaze™ catalog for a complete guide to SCBA films, Search and Rescue mazes, and accessories.
Firefighter using Maskhaze SCBA film
MASKhaze Simulated Smoke Training films are tight-fitting—no more Duct tape. NO MASK RESIDUE.
Practicing navigating smoked-filled environments safely.
Search and Rescue fire training
Military dazzle pattern on SCBA training film
Our dazzle pattern was created based on military camouflaging designed for confidence training.
Our film is applied on a reusable paper backer with a non-stick side that allows for clean storage and use later. 
Maskhaze S3000 smoke simulation film
Reusable three times
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